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zfs: восстановление

Где-то у меня было, но найти не удалось. Дубль.

Rolling Back a ZFS Snapshot

Восстановление ZFS-пула с помощью подручных средств

Восстановление корневого пула ZFS или снимков корневого пула

Также был спецфлаг

"ZFS maintains an internal cache of available pools and their configurations in /etc/zfs/zpool.cache. The location and contents of this file are private and are subject to change. If the system becomes unbootable, boot to the milestone none by using the -m milestone=none boot option. Once the system is up, remount your root file system as writable and then rename or move the /etc/zfs/zpool.cache file to another location. These actions cause ZFS to forget that any pools exist on the system, preventing it from trying to access the bad pool causing the problem. You can then proceed to a normal system state by issuing the svcadm milestone all command. You can use a similar process when booting from an alternate root to perform repairs."
"Determine which pool might have issues by using the fmdump -eV command to display the pools with reported fatal errors."


Recovering the ZFS Root Pool or Root Pool Snapshots

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