понедельник, 15 сентября 2014 г.

Panic loop on ZFS with 9.1-RELEASE


I still haven't succeeded in importing the pool readwrite, but I have
succeeded in importing it readonly.

This has been confirmed as a bug by the ZFS illumos ML people.
Description :
You can't import readonly a pool that has cache devices, because the
import will try to send write IOs to auxiliary vdevs, and hit an
assert() call, thus provoking a panic.

Workaround :
Destroy cache devices before zpool import -o readonly=on -f <pool>.

И еще полезные команды
zdb -AAA -e -mm prana 1 33
-AAA - игнорировать ошибки
-e - использовать неимпортированый пул
prana - пул
-mm и 1 33 в мане нет, возможно это под соляру пример был

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