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просмотр memcached статистики


Пример статистики
NAME                                      SIZE   %MEM    TIME  CONN   %HIT   REQ/s   GET/s   SET/s   DEL/s   EVI/s     READ/s   WRITE/s 512.0 Mb 0.5 2 ms 310 96.5 40.8 34.4 4.8 1.6 0.0 1.0 b 5.4 b
SIZETotal cache size on this server
%MEMPercentage of total cache size used on this server
%HITGlobal hit percent on this server : get_hits / (get_hits + get_misses)
TIMETime taken to connect to the server and proceed the request, high value can indicate a latency or server problem
REQ/sTotal request per second (get, set, delete, incr, ...) issued to this server
CONNCurrent connections, monitor that this number doesn't come too close to the server max connection setting
GET/s, SET/s, DEL/sGet, set or delete commands per second issued to this server
EVI/sNumber of times an item which had an explicit expire time set had to be evicted before it expired
READ/sTotal number of bytes read by this server from network
WRITE/sTotal number of bytes sent by this server to network

Есть еще вариант с sflow

Просмотр того, что есть в кэше

Просмотр "живых" запросов (в динамике)
ngrep -W none -T -d any "^(get|set|delete|END|STORED|VALUE|DELETED)" port 11211 | awk '{print $1 " " $2}'

Можно просто запускать режим отладки
/usr/bin/memcached -m 128 -vvv -p 11211 -U 11211 -u ubuntu -d


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