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FreeBSD: configure: error: Subversion requires SQLite

При попытке установить svn может вылезти

configure: WARNING: no suitable sqlite found in /usr/local

An appropriate version of sqlite could not be found.  We recommmend, but require at least 3.6.18.
Please either install a newer sqlite on this system


get the sqlite amalgamation from:
unpack the archive using tar/gunzip and copy sqlite3.c from the
resulting directory to:

configure: error: Subversion requires SQLite
===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.
Please report the problem to lev@FreeBSD.org [maintainer] and attach the
"/usr/ports/devel/subversion/work/subversion-1.7.9/config.log" including the
output of the failure of your make command. Also, it might be a good idea to
provide an overview of all packages installed on your system (e.g. a
/usr/local/sbin/pkg info -g -Ea).
*** [do-configure] Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/devel/subversion.
*** [build] Error code 1 

При этом сам sqlite3 стоит:
 # pkg info sqlite3
sqlite3-               An SQL database engine in a C library 

На свежих версиях -- скорее всего, в настройках сборки sqlite включена опция SQLLOG -- Allow logging operation. Надо её снять, пересобрать sqlite3 и всё соберётся. Вот такая неожиданность.

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