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Есть утилита для ZFS, которая показывает статус ФС в понятном виде - arc_summary.pl
офсайт, с которого не совсем понятно, что загружать.
отсюда берется линк http://jhell.googlecode.com/files/arc_summary.pl

Есть последняя версия из HEAD тут: http://jhell.googlecode.com/svn/base/head/scripts/zfs/arc_summary/arc_summary.pl

Description: While ARC is an amazing achievement its memory consumption raises doubts and questions in many administrators and users who view memory as a precious commodity. The Kstat facility provides access to a variety of ARC counters, but interpretting these properly is complex and non-intuative in their raw form, without spending several hours in the arc.c code. The purpose of arc_summary.pl is to provide a historical analysis of the ZFS ARC, to answer such questions as:

ARC is consuming 80% of memory. Is the sacrifice worth it?
What are the various sizes and limits that make up ARC?
What does the cache churn look like?
How efficient is prefetch? Should I disable it?

Также есть интересная дока: http://www.cuddletech.com/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=979

Please note, this report is cumulative since boot. It should compliment the arcstats tool. arcstat can tell you want is happening, arc_summary can tell you what has been happening. Any serious ZFS deployment should have both of these bad boys around in your toolbag.

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