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Небольшое уточнение по параметрам

Module configuration is pretty simple, there are only two directives to set; RPAFenable and RPAFproxy_ips. With the later you can define which IP's are your frontend proxies that sends the correct X-Forwarded-For headers. If you do not use the RPAFproxy_ips directive then the module will not change the remote address of the incoming connection at any time. RPAFsethostname will, when enabled, take the incoming X-Host header and update the virtualhost settings accordingly.

New in version 0.6 is the ability to change which header Apache looks at. With the configuration directive RPAFheader you can now change the default X-Forwarded-For to X-Real-IP if you so choose. There are also bugfixes in this version that makes mod_rpaf work correctly with Keep-Alive requests.

В общем, если просто установлен RPAFproxy_ips и RPAFsethostname, то читается X-Host. Можно доустановить RPAFheader X-Forwarded-For, чтобы читалась эта переменная.

# if DSO load module first:
LoadModule rpaf_module libexec/apache2/mod_rpaf-2.0.so

RPAFenable On
RPAFsethostname On
RPAFheader X-Forwarded-For

UPD: обнаружил на одном хосте багу. Когда была установлена RPAFsethostname On, POST на форумах и картинки отдавались криво - вместо имени хоста ставился айпи клиента.

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